♥ Bucket List

Every Diva should have her Bucket List

and I believe it should be evergrowing.


My goal is to get my list so massive

that I am constantly crossing things off the list. 


Club 33 ♥ Day of the Dead Self Portrait ♥ Pinup Self Portrait ♥ Create Stuffed Animal Taxidermy ♥ Disneyland Hotel ♥ Ride a train ♥ Yacht ♥ Game Show Audience ♥  Black Tie New Years ♥ Meet a Muppet Make a snowman ♥ Make a snowangel ♥ Snowball fight ♥ Visit Harry Potter Attraction at Universal Studios ♥ Dollywood ♥ Miami ♥ learn acoustic guitar ♥ Sailing ♥ See a lighthouse ♥ Disneyworld ♥ See some awesome Roadside attractions ♥ drive a moped ♥ stay at a themed hotel/motel ♥ drink a designed cappucino ♥ NY ♥ stay in a cabin during Winter ♥ compete in the Tinkerbell Disney half marathon ♥ Niagara Falls ♥ Shady Dell Airstream Park ♥ skinny dippin’ ♥ Playbloy Club in Vegas ♥ Tiffany key once I sell my first book ♥ be in a flashmob ♥ learn Italian ♥ See the Macy’s Day Parade in NYC ♥ learn 3 great jokes really well ♥ have a signature girly drink ♥ whistle ♥ play the ukelele ♥ mix a killer song ♥ Italy ♥ Create an awesome personal cookbook ♥ publish a personal photo book ♥ photo bomb someone’s pics ♥ collect letters of wisdom ♥ create some legit artwork ♥ buy a Mac ♥ be able to wear makeup and hair products again ♥ fly first class ♥ make and eat a cherpumple ♥ Own one of a kind memorbilia for my home – Finish the first draft of my book – find a cute Irish boy to play with – See Peepshow in Vegas –  Visit the Pawn Stars Pawn shop – Learn how to trapeze – learn how to fence – See She and Him – See Okgo – See Radiohead – Own original artwork from Ted Geisel –

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