The Simpsons Movie

Posted on July 15, 2007


Finally…after 18 seasons, 400 episodes and countless cameos..The Simpsons movie is here.   Some say too little too late but I’ll guess we’ll see.  Lately Simpsons episodes have become a joke.  The stories jump all over the place, like a Seinfeld episode, and Homer’s antics have become ridiculous instead of endearing.  I might be alone but I miss the original seasons where morals, family and doing the right thing were the theme instead Homer dancing with Pigs or meeting celebrities.  Even other main stream shows find it amusing to make fun of the Simpsons.  South Park did it an episode where every scheme they tried was answered with a “Simpsons did it.”  Family Guy has, I believe, on more than one occation down right made fun of the Simpsons.  So it leaves you to wonder are the Simpsons finally jumping the shark? 

On a lighter note.  The movie website does have a cool option to create yourself as a Simpsons character complete with yellow skin and four fingers. (Trivia Nugget for you..the only person who appears with five fingers is God in the Simpsons world..intersting observance.)  

Here is a wonderful video montage that beautifully illustrates my point.  It shows all three shows, Simpsons, Family Guy and South Park ripping on each other.