My new office!

Posted on December 30, 2007


Currently I am on Winter Break and I am redoing my office.  I have painted it an awesome aqua like color. Very pretty.  I organized all of my books and got rid of four trashbags of books and magazines. 

I also organized my crafts. 



 I want to create a huge corkboard from a painting frame.  I came into a large amount of  new binders.  So I am going to put all of my books that I am writing in them and label them.  I am also going to use the corkboard to keep  track of story plots. 

Here she is…


Notice Lappy sitting nicely on the desk. *) very cool new thimble case that my lovely cousin Liz bought me for my birthday. 



My new book”cases” filled with all of my lovelies.



My calendar..



A work in progress.  I like it though.  I still need to go through and organize all of my files.

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