King of Kong-Fistful of Quarters

Posted on January 31, 2008



I just watched this documentary that came out today.  The documentary originally began as following retro gamers.  What developed was a classic confrontation between good and evil. 

It follows Billy Mitchell, the original high scorer of Donkey Kong who held the highest score for twenty + years (BOOO!)


and Steve Wiebe, the underdog, a 7/8 th grade science teacher, who plays for fun and finds that he can beat the high score (YEA!!!!!) wiebeaustin.jpg

Without giving too much away Steve is a genuinely good guy and Billy a spiteful pompous ass.  Steve fights to prove he deserves a place as a record holder but is faced with obstacle after obstacle.  You’ll find yourself really pulling for Steve.  In addition, it is really interesting to see the logic and strategy behind the game play.