What’s the haps on the Craps?

Posted on February 18, 2008



So I learned how to play Craps yesterday.  Wow I am really interested in it.  I can’t wait to go to “the Vegas” and use my newfound knowledge.  There is a lot to remember but I think that is part of the intrigue of it.  It it really all about probability.  I can’t wait to play again.

Here’s some interesting superstitions that Craps players believe, compliments of How Stuff Works:

Craps Superstitions


  • It’s unlucky to say the number “seven.” Players just say “it,” as in, “I hope it doesn’t show!”
  • Women craps shooters who have never played before will have a hot roll; men will not.
  • If the dice bounce off the table, the next roll will be a 7. That’s why many players take their bets off the table if the dice leave it. To avert the bad luck, players shout “same dice” so a new set won’t be brought out.
  • It’s bad luck if the dice hit anyone’s hand.
  • Don’t touch the shooter when he’s having a good roll.
  • It’s bad luck if the dice are pushed to you by the stickperson with a 7 showing. Stickmen know this and try not to do it.
  • If someone places new money on the table during a roll and the dice hit it, the next roll will be a 7.

 Also, if you follow the link you will find out anything you wanted to know about Craps.  Enjoy!