Team Sugar!

Posted on February 24, 2008



Team Sugar is the equivalent of a glitterfied myspace.  This social networking site is focused on woman and has some really cool features.  Their sections include gossip, shopping, exercize, food, home and kids.  When you join the site it gives you a free blog page ala myspace which includes spots to include favorite items.  The cool part is you can use their databases to add pictures for favorite movies, shows, clothes.  The site even works on a point system that rewards you for being interactive.  With your points you can buy imaginary “gifts” for yourself or your friends.  Some items are champagne and dark chocolate.  There are even luxory items like a spa day or a maid.  Friends can “buy” you things and leave comments or messages.  You can create lists of outfit combinations from designers newest clothes.  You can also list your favorite brands and celebrities. 

It is a nice new obsession when myspace can lend itself to the creepy crowd.  But be warned if you check it out you better buy me a gift.  🙂