Book #1- Louder than Words

Posted on March 7, 2008



It is a rare occasion when a book will capture my attention long enough for me to complete it.  This book is one of those.  I was so moved and it honestly touched me.  This is such a compelling book.  I cried throughout the whole thing.  It chronicles a mother’s horrific journey to save her son who becomes ill and having up to eight seizures a day.  Doctors and hospitals aren’t helping.  It is not until she begans to research herself that she finds out what is slowly killing him and goes on a journey to cure her son before it is to late.  The catch…the surprising twist is that the author is comedian/actress/model Jenny McCarthy.  Jenny tells the story with such honesty that you know each word she says is heartbreakingly true.  It touched my heart to see that Jenny has immense faith in God and that was what carried her through in times of pain.  A very, endearing and emotional book that you will not regret reading.