Book #2- Ida B

Posted on March 21, 2008



Now I did not intend for this to be my second kind of just happened that way.  I bought this book at the School book fair.  I sat and read the whole thing from the time I got home until the evening.  There is a poetic and very honest, but very unconventional, way this particular author writes.  I must say that there was an element I was drawn to in the beginning that allowed the little girl in the story to be very creative and free.  Talking to trees, making plans of what adventures she will have each day. i.e. “I had three places I wanted to visit, six things  I wanted to make, and two conversations I hoped to have before dinnertime.”  I really wish that the author had focused on that more so than the “tragedy” parts of it.  Basically the story is about a little girl dealing with the changes in her life.    It is very deep and thoughful and focuses on emotions and our thinking as we cope with things.  I couldn’t help but compare it to my students as I read.  Thinking if I was that teacher in the book and how I would react to that child and her issues.  Ida B. is VERY insightful meaning things are always gauged to the extreme.  They are either wonderful or dramatically horrible.  I do love a lot of things in this book though. I wish the author would write a sequal focusing on the positive “wildness” of Ida B and let her be her free-spirited self.