Max Brenner’s Chocolate by the Bald Man-NY

Posted on April 9, 2008



Max Brenner’s is a chocolate bar and restaurant.  It’s design is reminiscent of Wonka’s Chocolate factory.

–from the NY Times Review–

“It has vats of gurgling chocolate inside the entrance, where shelves are stacked with bars, powders and toppings as well as the decorated chocolates.

Pipes along the ceiling are painted dark brown to convey the idea that they carry chocolate. And everywhere you look — on panels of glass, patches of wall or the riotously busy pages of the spiral-ring dessert and drinks menu — you see chocolate musings, chocolate mottos.”

Inside the menu includes, various hot chocolates, chocolate coffees, chocolate milkshakes, chocolate covered crepes and waffles, candies, chocolates and fondue to name some.  Ahhh…it looks like heaven to me…sigh…

One of the items from the gift store that I MUST have:

YuMMM!    ——-      KANGAROO CUP  $12.90

“It is a cup with a pocket for chocolate that enables the drinker to enjoy its double virtue: melting solid chocolate with the hot coffee in the mouth (in a decent way, don’t forget you are an adult) while licking the melted leftovers hidden in the pocket with a special Mix/ Lick spoon (to keep the child in you forever).”