Posted on April 28, 2008


We were very busy little bees last night.  In addition to our friend’s wedding we also saw George Lopez in concert.  This is the second time we’ve seen him and he is still funny.  Like all good comedians he can be a little raw but he is always very motivating.  For example, there have only been three Hispanic Leads ever to have their own t.v. sitcom.  They are Desi Arnez, Freddie Prinze and…George Lopez.  George Lopez grew up raised by his grandparents who, among others, were horrible to him.  Regardless, George would go on to win an Emmy and air 100 episodes.


The Introduction of Muli-cultural Barbie Dolls

Growing up it was difficult to never see actresses, models or even singers who look liked me.  I remember being very excited when I was younger when they came out with a Barbie that was brown.  Up until that point you had your choice of black or white dolls.  But a brown one…WOW!  That was cool!  Now the hispanic culture is entwined in our American culture but back in those days of two-colored dolls it was a novelty.  I am happy to say now that many cultures are mixed and I could not see anything more beautiful.