Lunchbox Laboratory

Posted on May 8, 2008


This is a Seattle based burger joint that takes hamburgers to a whole new level. 

Check out this review from Gentle Snark.

“Simply looking at the menu is enough to make your head swim. I counted five different kinds of burger meat, including prime rib, buffalo, Colorado lamb and Juicy Lucy; there are 15 cheese options, ranging from New York white cheddar to havarti; and the sauce list boasts both “standard” (ketchup, mustard, French, etc.) and “off the wall” options (sweet chili mayo, balsamic hoisin, stoneground horsey aioli and a dozen more). You can top off with maple bacon, crushed green olives or carmelized onions, and complement your savory Frankenstein with sweet potato fries, a “mac ‘n’ cheese du jour” or “Mr. T’s onion straws.”

There are even more options than what I’ve mentioned above, but I’m sure you’d like to wrap this up sometime today. That means I’ll have to give short shrift to the milkshakes (chocolate-cherry cordial! Nutella!) and sodas (Bubble Up! Empire Pineapple!), and only give a cursory nod to the decor, which is almost entirely composed of discardia (the “EAT” sign is made from an old Texaco sign) and lunchboxes from the pre-emo golden age. “

Yum!  Gotta try this place.