Classroom Science Fair!

Posted on May 18, 2008


Poor Science and Social Studies get “no love” during the school year.  So this year after testing we decided to do a Science Fair.   I was SO proud of my kids.  Their experiments were AWESOME!…especially for never doing experimenrs before.  Here are some  we had on display…

One of the best experiments…everyone loved it!  The students filled a cup full of water.  They then placed a piece of cardboard beneath it and flipped it.  Amazing that the water did not spill out but even more amazing that the student could remove her hand and the cardboard stayed suctioned to the cup without any water spilling.  The kids were so excited about this one.

Balloon Rocket. 

Raw egg floats in water..the trick..lots of salt.


 “Tightroping Water” 

The water will travel down the rope without spilling. 

 It took them a few tries in class before they figured out how to do it but it was very neat.

You need a very tight rope.

Motion Machine


The magnet picked up a small metal ball and paperclips.  

They used a large battery, wire with plastic coating and a nail. 

And of course..The VOLCANO!

All of the kids wanted to do this project. Always fun!  I remember this from when I was little.

I am def. doing this next year after AIMS.  The kids loved it!