Vegas..First days..

Posted on June 3, 2008


So we’re in “The VEGAS”! 

(The bridge they have been building by the Hoover Dam. 

They had begun the other side when we came in Oct. and now they are starting the other side.)


The hunny and I scored a week in a condo from one of his very nice co-workers. 

DAY ONE—We came up Saturday and met up with John and Lola. 

Lola and I before Blue Man Group—-Jules and I


Lola, John and Jules hammin’ it on Fremont

Gotta love “Old Vegas”

Blue Man Group

They don’t let you take pics inside…but I got one!  Cuz I’m sneaky.  

If you’ve never seen Blue Man you have to “decorate yourself” as part of the show.

Lola and john “decorated”—–Jules is sad cuz I decided to lean in with Lola instead.

DAY TWO—Went to “The Rio” for buffet.  Best buffet in town….

Jules went to “The Gun Store” and shot some kind of machine guns with John.

Jules found Osama.  Yea Jules!!

DAY THREE–So today Jules and I went to “Television City” at the MGM Grand.  You go and preview a pilot for a new t.v. show and give your feedback. The one we saw was powerfully lame.  It was called “Worst Week”.  Uhhh.  I did not likee.  But it was only twenty minutes and then we got free coupons for lunchees.

 Elvis Baby!  Everytime I go to Vegas I gotta try and find Elvis!  It’s like Where’s Waldo but Vegas style. 

I hit the jackpot here! Double Elvis!!