More Vegas Pics…

Posted on June 5, 2008


Day Four-We went to Cupcake Lane Bakery for Breakfast


It was at this time we made our way to find the Playboy Club and Casino at the Palms. 

Alas both didn’t open until later in the evening (8p.m.) so we went to the next best thing..the gift shop!

I bought “The Bunny Book”

and some cutey pink Holly rollerskate sox


Then to Kilroy’s, self-proclaimed best hamburgers in the world, for lunch.

There’s a reason they are self-proclaimed. 

They did have cool posters where  Kilroy’s in it… like this James Bond one. 

 They also had cute mad-libs and crossword puzzles.  Also, the fry portions were huge.  I dunno but my burger was burnt.  If you make a bold statement like “world’s greatest hamburgers”  you better back it up.


 For Dinner we went to Geisha House.

This place was pretty cool and yummy.  It was pretty reasonable for sushi too. 


(one of the lil’ guys)

For some unknown reason there are a plethora of sushi places in Vegas.


Day Five- LAST DAY!

We had breakfast at Egg Works.

I am not a big egg person but it was good.


And we made it home safely to a Tenga.