Posted on July 7, 2008


Jules and I went to see the Grossology exhibit at the Science Museum this summer.  I’ve been to the science museum quite a few times and this is the coolest exhibit I have ever seen there. 

The Leaky Faucet taught about how your nose produces snot. 

The bug was talking about who knows what and that guy was just silly looking.

The fly talked about fly stuff of course.  Jules happily playing the fart machine.

Huge Operation game that you played with salad tongs. 

I did not get to play cuz some little kids were bogarting the game *(

There were two puzzles there to solve.  This is one of them.  And..I solved them BOTH! 

I am officially the SMARTEST PERSON IN THE WORLD!!


Also, they had pinball games, shooting games, trivia games.  There was an area where you would smell different smells and guess what they were.  The smells were “feet, underarms, mouth, and anus.”  Ewww…fun.  I would def. take the kids to see it.  I plan to take my kiddos when we get back to school.