Battle of the Bone!

Posted on August 15, 2008


Ever since we were little my little bro could sop down the fleshy of a chicken wing like no one I have EVER seen.  When he was eleven he got his first frier and when he got into high school the hangout was always a sports bar for wings.  So I HAD to enter him in BATTLE OF THE BONE, a chicken wing eating contest sponsored by Native New York and 1060 am.  They had eleven minutes or “10 minutes 60 seconds” (clever…) to eat as much as they could.  Well, out of 30 the little guy got …in his FIRST EVER contest..4th!  I was so proud..tear.  The judges said that the top six were the best they had seen at ANY location.  So needless to say if he had entered somewhere else he probably would have won.