Crazy for P.B. Loco!

Posted on September 30, 2008



I have been trying to get down to P.B. Loco ever since my friend told me about it a few weeks ago. 

This is in fact the same friend who told me about the fresh p.b. at Whole Foods. 

P.B. Loco is a sandwich shop that specializes in ….pb sandwiches! 

What’s cool is that they have lots of different pbs and sandwiches.


Some of the more interesting flavors:

♦Peanut Butter with Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough

♦Peanut Butter with Sun-Dried Tomato

♦Peanut Butter with Sun-Ripened Apricot

♦Peanut Butter with Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough


Veronica had:

RAZZLIE DAZZLIE: White Chocolate Raspberry PB, Marshmallow &  Banana

She said it was fine but she wished she would of got a more unusual one.  Maybe next time.


Mom had:

PBBLT: Sun-Dried Tomato PB, Bacon, Lettuce & Mayo

This was very tasty actually.  You couldn’t really taste the pb but mostly the yummy bacon.


I had:

 the CINNY NILLA: Sumatra Cinnamon & Raisin PB, Vanilla Cream Cheese, Apple & Caramel

This was good but I was fascinated in how they made Vanilla Cream Cheese.  It was delicious!

and yes there is a gob of it on the table.  *)