The Farm

Posted on October 26, 2008


Went to go eat at “The Farm” at South Mountain

The Farm at South Mountain

I’ve been wanting to go.  This is a local farm that grows all of its own food. 

There are three restaurants on the land and they use all of the food grown to make the meals. 

This is as fresh as it gets!

We ate at “The Farm Kitchen”.


This restaurant specializes in lunch. 

Everyone else was off at the restaurant that serves breakfast (“Morning Glory”) but not us! 

 One of my “incredibly enduring” qualities is that I am not fond of breakfast type foodies. 

I am a lunch/sandwich girly. 

The food came in a basket!


it was YUMMY!

Also…they had mini-pies!  Delish!

(Can you spot the monkey in this pic?)  Sigh..he ruins all my good pictures…*)