Christmas Card Craftin’

Posted on November 21, 2008



The Fam working diligently on their cards

Every year my crazy family sits down to make Christmas cards. 

Each year I get lots of ribbing for spending all the time making only one or maybe two. 

(What can I say?  I like to explore all my options.)

Well, this year I thought ahead and figured out my cards the nght before.


My Berry Merry Christmas card…


The card is simple but I like it. 

I stamped it and then hand colored it. 

I am thinking about making a little chocolate cocoa fixings baggie to go in it.

Crushed candy canes, mini marshmallows, some mini chocolate chips.

  Hmmm…I think I’ll call it Berry Merry Cocoa Mix.  I’ll have to show the finished product.