Posted on January 1, 2009


This year I made a goal with myself to try

and get out and do more things.

I am excited to say I have! 

These are some of the things that made 2008 a fun year!

Gone go-kart racing and placed last. YES!

Planted a VERB (Veggie and Herb) garden.

Planted new grass in my backyard (or rather … Jules did).

Watched my hubby ride a mechanical bull.

Line danced around the dance floor at a country club.

Goofy golfing at Castles N’ Coasters.

Learned how to play craps.

Stayed in Vegas for a week and won $600 playing craps.

Saw George Lopez in concert.

Saw the Grossology exhibit.

Got my new SCION!

Saw a tribal wedding.

Organized my closet.

Painted and redid my office.

Went to Beerfest in Flag.

Painted my first ceramics.

Took a Hip-Hop class.

Took Zumba classes.

Took a Belly Dancing class.

Took a class on publIshing.

Learned how to shoot a gun.

Went to a gun range.

Went to a Day of the Dead fest.

Saw AZ’s first Lightrail.


Watched my bro come VERY close to winning a chicken wing eating concert.

Went to PB Loco and Sprinkles.

Went to The Farm at South Mountain.

Had Acupuncture for the first time.

Found “The Sushi Buffet”

All in all it was a GREAT year! 

I hope this year can compete especially with all the new changes.

Here’s hoping this year will be EVEN BETTER!