My lil’ Pup Pup!

Posted on January 15, 2009



So this is what’s been keeping me very busy lately. 

(She looks innocent enough but don’t fall for it..she’s a tornado!)

It was an average day when I somehow

got bamboozled into taking a puppy off my aunt’s hands. 

No, really..I was looking at the puppy, commenting on how cute she was,

and debating the consequences of puppylife in my household..

when my aunt hightailed it to her car. 

and there I was… left in the dust with nothing but…

a lil pup and a few cans of pup food in my hands. 

What was I to do but take her home? 

So it has been pretty crazy.

Puppies cry and pee and poop everywhere. 

Oh..and everything is for biting.  Ears, shoes, blankets. 

You name it and it’s her delicious chew toy.

Crazy.. but I am, in fact, quite infatuated with the  my lil pup.