Posted on March 27, 2009



I finally get to cross camping off my goal list! 

I’ve been camping before when I was little

but we NEVER did the whole tent and sleeping bag thing.  

My parents always took a motor home

so I have always wanted to try it the true way. 

This weekend we went up north by Campe Verde.


So…Robert “thought” he forgot the tent cover..

so we had to rig up this. 

And that is how “The Shanty” was born. 

We did find the bag with the cover

the next morning and promptly threw it at Robert’s face.

We also somehow managed to forget a spatula

and ended up cooking

hamburgers, hotdogs, marsmallows, eggs and bacon

with a set of pliers.

Hey at least we are resourceful.


Here I am shooting our new “shotty”. 

My hubby loves this pic because he says I am so serious.

(He put it as his desktop..sigh)

I love that he has a huge smile on his face. 

He loves that I shoot guns.

Also, don’t ask why I am wearing the world’s smallest sweater.

I don’t know.


And apparently this is how you chop wood.