Neil Gaiman

Posted on April 4, 2009




 The more I read his work..
the more interested I am in Neil Gaiman.
I first came across his name as I was researching about
“The Sandman”
and proceeded to find his legendary
graphic novel series of the same name.  
Right now I am reading the second volume
since I couldn’t get my hands on the first
but I was reassured that each volume can stand alone. 
Now I am currently reading “The Graveyard Book”. 
I had seen it online and was checking it out at  B&N
and the beginning was so extremely
unusual and dark for a children’s book
that I had to pick it up. 
It’s very intriguing right from the start
and so far very good.
ALSO–I am loving Gaiman’s online journal
and the fact that he twitters.