Vic’s Bday!

Posted on June 14, 2009


For Monkey One’s Bday

we went to MacAlpine’s Soda Fountain.

Davids Wedding 001

Baby Sis and Monkey One


Of course,

we had to partake in some phosphates..

Davids Wedding 004

“Thaz a good phosphate!!”


Davids Wedding 007



and this is what happens when

you drink straight carbonated water and syrup…

Davids Wedding 009

We had to have some

burgers and dogs and… of course…

 Davids Wedding 011

Oh..banana split..I’ve been waiting so long for you…

(No, really I have been craving a banana split

but they don’t really sell them anywhere anymore. 

What is the world coming to?)


Davids Wedding 015

“Num! Num! Num! Num!”


And us being naughty…

Davids Wedding 019

Shock and Awe!!!


Davids Wedding 021

This one too??!!


Who is watching these kids..??

Davids Wedding 024

Oh yeah..this crazy chica…

See..don’t get all worked up..they’re just candy..


Is is screwed up that my parents actually

used to buy my brother and I candy cigarettes

when we were little?  Hmm…

That might explain a few things…