Posted on August 25, 2009



You gotta love a place that has GO-GO in the title! 

Been wanting to go to this place since my cuz Gloria went awhile back

 and told me that they had Karaoke rooms.  YES!! 

 Geisha a go go 010

Unf.  they were all booked up when my friend Danielle

and her friend Michela and I went for Happy Hour. 


First and foremost…yes..indeed..the food was tasty. 

Sushi and apps..were yum.

The drinks are so damn cutely named..that I can’t handle it..

The loveliness enjoying a “Harajuku Lover”. 

The infamous “Hello Kitty drink. 

(Apparently, they used to have actual HK glasses.  I

dunno maybe that’s an urban myth.)


Some of their signature drinks:..

 Turning Japanese Hai-Yah! Pikachu

and food:…

Sailor Moon SumoFlying KamikazeSuper Junky Monkey

FokuDragonBallRacer X and the Bye Bye Kitty! the have Karoake rooms…

cool sig. drinks


Automated toilets…No really..

they have options to clean..and dry..EVERYTHING!


Very blurry..but notice the pictures on the buttons..

Very blurry..but notice the pictures on the buttons..

 Quite refreshing…


And our fortunes…


hmm..very wise..

hmm..very wise..