HK Feva!!

Posted on October 26, 2010


HK on the mind…
specically with Sanrio’s 50th here..

I’m poopin’ rays of sunshine over here

 cuz I just found out that it’s coming through Tempe..
Some Pretty Kitty Inspiration from Miss Ga..
lady-gaga-hello-kitty-shoot-02-570x.jpg image by prince_tonii
and some better EVIL Kitty inspiration…muahhahah…
Hello Kitty Zombie Rubber Bracelets - 180376
Cutest bracelets EVA!! My two fav colors..turq. and hot pink.,,holla!
Been rockin’ it everytime I roll out.
Lovin’ the new HK Zombie line..HK Zombie luv…
NOM! NOM! Found these tasties on Cupcake Junkie..I wants..
p.s. Cupcake Junkie I think I like you more than friends..aka i heart u..
or more so i heart ur cupcakes..they are muy sexy..
I will be visiting you often like the dedicated stalker that I am
and creating lots of your found inspirations..mmm..yum…
HelloKittyHalloween6.jpg Hello Kitty Halloween 6 image by pinzith
 My current phone and computer desktop…Que cute??