Dreaming of the Honey House..

Posted on January 19, 2011



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I often spend my days dreaming of the Honey House.


She is my now fantastical but one day soon dream of a home.

Upon naming her I was torn between

the Pink Palace..and the Honey House.

Both of which find their namesakes deep within pop culture. 


Sigh…  to build a heart shape pool for me and inscribe it professing his love..this is truly madly deeply

The Pink Palace, of course the legedary abode of Jayne Mansfield..engulfed in pink and hearts (her trademark and mine).  A place she created with her own will, contacting various people, until finally her iniative resulted in a fully furnished home free of charge.  Representative of her life…just as she created her home she created her legend. One day I will definately see the Pink Palace in her reincarnation.


But for this dream..this home..

because I know there will be many..

I wanted something simple.


The Honey House

The Honey House derives from the Honey house pictured on Pushing Daisies.

Cheesy.  I know. But the house, like the show, is representative of the…

unique, the beautiful, and the quirky.  Although the Honey House only appeared once

…the name stuck with me.  And thinking of it makes me dream of Olive’s floral walls,

the aunts’ cheesebox, Chuck’s miles of language books and of course closets full of vintage dresses..



So I have been saving my pennies,

and waiting patiently..dreaming of my Honey House.