♥ Madly Lovin’…

Posted on January 21, 2011


Things I am MAD ♥ ‘in this week




I must have luv on the mind..with Vday close..

I can’t help seeing the luv everywhere..


MakeLove Horcruxes Tee: Totally gonna make a baby tee or tank of this shirt…and gonna rock it for Vday!

Heart shaped pepperonis!:  Last year I had heart shaped pizza round Vday but this is just as cute.

Heart shaped sushi!:  I am on a mission to find somewhere that has this in phx..



 ♥ Love Project: I would love to leave this somewhere..Social Experiment..

3D Valentine: I can’t wait to send this to my sis in NM..she will freak..totally

remniscent of our childhood crazy concoctions..

Thumbkin love: Aww..I am totally gonna make sum thumbkin valentines.