Postcard from…Farmington, NM!

Posted on January 26, 2011


Went to visit my little sis at her new temporary home.

She has been stationed as a reporter there for basically the next year.

The baby sis and I flew down there and we were soooo excited to see the snow!!


We stopped at the Four Corners…



Had some Hawaiian Pancakes at Pancake Alley! 

Sooooo much breakfast came with it..


Perused the thrift stores and “antiqueries”..


Cutest piggle ever! and if he wasn’t $15 and dirties..he would have been

a happy desert hog home here in PHX.


and most importantly..crossed Snowman making off our bucket lists in Durango!




My Snow lady..strange how she just popped out..
Vern was the first to see her..

Tony’s Christmas card for next year…luvs!..

Wonderful time relaxing and being silly…

I had a blasty.