Sweet Valley!!

Posted on March 11, 2011


Now a large amount of my young life was spent

reading and worshipping any Sweet Valley series.

I like to believe that there were

two kinds of people in the world..

those who read SV and those..

other…Babysitter’s club people…blah.  

 My sistercuzin and I were CRAZYFANATICAL with our Sweet Valley..

following them from wholeheartedly (and I mean wholeheartedly..

we are talking cassettes, dolls..you get the picture..)


from Elementary:

 to High School

to University. ..

of course there was the show

and you know you were hardcore

if you had the sagas and special editions..which we did.

and the dolls..


So why all this talk of Sweet Valley..?

Well it’s in honor..(as any good child of the 80’s/90’s knows)..of

Francine Pascal’s NEW book!


 The next chapter in the Sweet Valley

series debuting March 29, 2011

I and any crazy obsessed fan will be BOOK CLUBBIN’

it in all of it’s girly glory..



and in other SW related news…

Diablo Cody is constructing a Sweet Valley High movie..

if she thought people talked about her now..then she should know that

SV fans are hardcore..so hopefully she keeps that in mind as she decides to make it…

a comedy?? Hmm….