Museum of Awesome

Posted on March 14, 2011


It being Lent and I being Catholic…

I have made quite a few resolutions  during this season to help my all around.

One being GRATITUDE. A grateful heart can help you be free from sadness, hatred, depression and anxiety. It can help you find the beauty in your everyday life. It can help you see the gifts that you may not otherwise be able to see. Ironically, I stumbled upon this awesome design by Jessica Hische. It made me think of creating my own museum of Awesome. I must say I was also inspired by the wonderful blog 1000 Awesome Things which showcases just that. So here I am.  Here’s the plan-o.

1. GRATITUDE JOURNAL:  I have been quite in the doldrums lately.  Sooo….I have started a gratitude journal. But not just any journal..but a SUPERJOURNAL. Yeah!! Equipped with calendar of fun things to look forward to when I find I am sad or unhappy. And a place to list all of the things I am grateful for for that day. Also, a place to draw and write poetry and create collages. I must say I was inspired by the outlandishly beautiful journals of This Chicken aka Rebecca Horwood. See her beautifully organized journal below.

and the calendar…

she has a wonderful tutorial of how she creates her journals..

which I will be implementing.

I have already started but I must say mine will definately not be as nicely organized as much I would like it to be. But I look forward to it and have already been using it quite frequently.

2. Museum of Awesome: So, secondly, I am going to add a new category where I add an “exhibit” of awesomeness. That’s it.Simple as that.

Can’t wait to get my journal prettified..

pictures soon of the journal progress.

Much love!!