Camp Whos-a-whats-it

Posted on March 26, 2011


Hello Lovers,

It is that time of year when a girl’s fancy magically transforms to…CAMPING!

Ahhh…the allure of the peaceful woods and freedom of the quiet forest.

Each year I look for new things to add to my camping collective of fun.

First and foremost, I will have to say..

ahh to stow away in a lovely camper like this..

I love love the idea of converting a VW Squirm

into a functioning winnie.

It just seems perfect,

especially for someone like me,

who doesn’t want the full force of “The Bago”.

Sitting on the banks fishing is a must.

Of course I would be much snugglier and amused if I had a sleeping bag like this…

Hmm and I would like a shirt just like this poster..

Designed to the style of a 70’s style tight fitted tee..

I may have to make it…and then I can wear it every time I go camping

and think I am very clever

as my family rolls their eyes

and says that shirt again? And I reply yes.

It is my camping shirt.

Also, I think a fitted plaid t-shirt would be just as cool as well.

and now for the something new..

I’m going to teach the kids how to use a solar oven..

How to make a Solar Oven


Happy Trails Campers!