Posted on June 14, 2011


I am just over the moon about the fact that

I can play with

NANWRIMO during the summer. 

Usually during the Fall/Winter  holiday traditions

overrun our already packed season schedules

and poor NANOWRIMO falls to the side..

but the creators of NANOWRIMO

are fundraising to bring

CAMP NANOWRIMO to the masses.


The blog for NANOWRIMO

 is full of lots of cuteness as well…

take a look at these great posts:

How the internet found my mitten

– about the internet, a mitten and all its wonderfulness

(both the internet and the mitten)

 Everything you wanted to know about a Blobby”

writing the backstory to a gentleman

creature named Blobby

(the mascot of camp nanowrimo)

begins as a simple sentence and can evolve into lines

and lines about the sweet rotundly guy. 

Read my Blobby story soon and submit yours too.


and I must say I already

have my eye on these little goodies

from the nanowrimo store:

1.   2.

 3.  4.

5.  6.

7.  8.


1.  A cool camp shirt for both camping and summernanowrimoing in.
You can never have too many camp/camping shirts.
2. Let the world know that you have been writing novels
since the dawn of time..also known as 1999.
3. Nanowrimo group kit!! w buttons!! Now all I need is a group. Hmm…
4.  Patches! I love patches! It must be my
veteran girlscout in me..shouting out.
5.  One of the coolest shirts..novel making machines..
which has inspired me to write a short
or long story following that theme.
6.  Love the hoodie. and esp. love things
 that most people won’t undestand..hehe
7. Very potteresque mug
8. I luvre writing pens. and esp. noveling pens. awesomeness!

♥ Happy writing lovers!!