The Weekly Tweetness

Posted on August 5, 2011


These tweets/links gave me such happiness this week..

and helped me through a really difficult week.

Can’t thank the providers enough

for all their inspiration

and love that they share with the Twitterverse!

Hope these nuggets of happiness

give you some inspiration and love too!


ooh yummm! @craft How-To: 

Pop Tart S’Mores



 words.any words. Get them down my writer friends.


I’m a “Word Beast!”

Photo: mollycrabapple: 



Remain #Focused on your

journey to Greatness!



The amount of happiness that you have

depends on the amount of freedom

you have in your heart #BE #FREE



“You were born with wings.

Why prefer to crawl through life?”

Rumi. O.G. #SpiritJunkie



Let no one ever come to you

without leaving better and happier. – Mother Teresa


@expressivista RT @terri_cole:

Even when opportunity knocks,

a man still has to get up off his seat

and open the door. ~ Anonymous



Don’t be a victim be a victor!