How a DIVA spends V Day…

Posted on February 15, 2012



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Previously romantic notions danced around in my mind

and I wandered around looking for someone

to satisfy my hunger for appreciation, love and genuine kindness.

Hoping that the generosity that I saw in movies, T.V. and books

was not simply a facade but genuine and honest.

My sad little heart waited for someone’s eyes to flicker open

with enlightenment and discover

what I had tried so desperately to keep hidden to myself..

that I am wonderfully and beautifully created.


But this truth that I knew deep down in my heart..

although reason, compliance, and modesty made me resist it

..begged for recognition..for confirmation.


I had sadly and horribly abused my poor heart until one day…I didn’t.


I decided to define my own wonderful life story. 

Creating a legacy that legends

and dreams are made of. 

I thought of my heroes who defied convention

and narrated and constructed their own life stories. 

And decided that from this day forward..

I would control my story..and make it exquisitely written.


 You should be aware that

I have many legends I refer to and many genres of groups

that fall under the legend category

but none more so than the infamous..Diva. 


Often categorized negatively as demanding or narcisstic..

the true nature of a diva is none of these things. 

Divas are strong, confident, proud and grateful of their gifts and accomplishments.

They live their lives according to their dreams..

much under the scrutiny of those who cannot do the same.

Defining their own biography…their own wonderful life story.

Sometimes seen as overbearing.. in reality those classified as divas

will not settle for less than they envision…and this is what makes them legendary.


Now the secret of how a diva celebrates Vday. 

The way a diva celebrates Vday is by celebrating

the beauty in herself and the beauty in the world around her.


Here are some ways:

  Celebrate Vday by giving love to others-locally and internationally. 

The widespread movement to urgently stop violence against women. 


Celebrated each February..the Vday Movement

 has raised  $80 million to stop rape, incest, female genital mutilation,

and other mental and physical abuse inflicted on girls and women across the world.


 Celebrate Vday by giving love anonymously.

Create random acts of guerrilla lovefare..

only similar to its brother guerrilla warfare

by the fact that it is done covertly. 

Place notes on cars, in bathroom stalls, or in unlikely places

..reminding our world that they are loved. 


 Celebrate Vday by giving love to yourself.

Commission a self portrait by an Etsy or local artist. 

Making a one of a kind tribute to yourself just as you are in this moment.

Your older self will appreciate you later for it. 

You are beautifully designed and created. Please stop altering yourself. 

You are beautiful. You are beautiful. You are beautiful.


 Celebrate Vday by giving love loudly!

Bring boxes of chocolates for your co-workers to pick out of. 

Send valentines detailing your appreciation for those around you. 

 Sometimes a simple thank you can go along way. 


And lastly and most importantly…

wear whatever hearts you can find..

because after all what is life without

the eccentricity that legends are made out of.


Have a LOVEful Vday and

remember to spread some love!

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