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My mission for this year..

  I.      HAPPINESS:  First and foremost..I want to be happy.

To do this all other characteristics must be in place (which you will see below).



           II.      HEALTH:  Health is such a gift. Sometimes only those who have had it discarded away or who have watched it wither can truly appreciate the power that it gives you to truly live. This year I pray that I give all the respect to my body that it deserves, that I treat it as the gift that it is and remember that there are those are praying at this very moment for the gift of my body and its capabilities.



         III.      ADVENTURE:  I am alive for a reason. We all have purpose. I choose to live a life that is full of adventure and experience. 


Scoutie Girl: the outside-the-box manual for creative living & mindful spending

        IV.      BEAUTY:  I will find the beauty in all things. Each day is truly a blessing. It is our choice to rediscover this happiness. Why is a child so joyous? They choose to see things as beautiful, wondrous and amazing. I pray that I see the good in everything and find beauty in every situation.


Be silly

           V.      LAUGHTER: To be truly happy you must not hold grudges, you ,must laugh in the face of adversity, hatred and ignorance…you must know that if you cannot laugh at yourself then you will always think they are laughing at you.  I will choose to not take myself too seriously this year.



        VI.      PEACE: As I grow older I embrace solitude so much more. Whereas a child I feared it..as an adult I embrace it with open arms. Solitude grants me clarity and a peace of mind that cannot be replaced by anything else. I pray that I find my solitude this year and in finding this peace that I find my true self.


Go confidently into the direction of your dreams - H. D. T.

      VII.      STRENGTH:  I love the feeling of confidence and self-assurance. I want to feel strong enough to speak my mind and believe in my own opinions. To know what I stand for. To respectfully disagree with others and to do what others doubt I can.


believe it

   VIII.      LOVE: I can do all things through God that strengths me…guides me..inspires me..calms me. I want to feel comfort in myself knowing that the only love I truly need is from God and myself. I will find love in myself and in finding this love there it will spill out to all those around and as a waterfall explodes out of its source I will ignite that love in others.


I believe in happy endings.

        IX.       POSITIVITY: It is far harder to look for the good in everyday..everything..every situation. But I believe that it is more rewarding, more inspiring and more radiant to do so. I will actively seek positive resources and imply them in my life. I will try to be a beacon of positivity so that others can find joy in there in life.


take a chance

           X.      OPPORTUNITIES:  I choose to live a remarkable life. A full life. A legendary life. I create everything in it and can change anything at any time. To look for opportunities and to not be afraid to take them..whereever they may lead me. To not only wish but MAKE things happen. And to always remind myself to “Live the life you love and love the life you live.”

6 Responses “♥ About” →
  1. You want to write children’s books, open a boutique and mentor young girls? I love you!! I really hope your dreams come true, m’lady 🙂 xo

  2. sparklemag

    June 24, 2008

    Thanks! I appreciate the love! It’s a lot. But I think a little at a time and eventually I’ll do it all! *)

  3. you know i don’t even know ur name??

  4. sparklemag

    December 11, 2008

    Haha I know. I am mysterious like that. Just kidding. My first name is Amanda. I don’t know your first name either. I always refer to you all as my internet friends.

  5. Rachel McGregor

    March 20, 2011

    I LOVE this website! So motivating and so much to think about and apply to my life!

  6. sparklemag

    March 22, 2011

    Aww..thank you!

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