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How a DIVA spends V Day…

February 15, 2012


  -image made by thumbpress, quote made by gaga   Previously romantic notions danced around in my mind and I wandered around looking for someone to satisfy my hunger for appreciation, love and genuine kindness. Hoping that the generosity that I saw in movies, T.V. and books was not simply a facade but genuine and honest. […]

Fortune Cookie says…..

April 1, 2011



Camp Whos-a-whats-it

March 26, 2011


Hello Lovers, It is that time of year when a girl’s fancy magically transforms to…CAMPING! Ahhh…the allure of the peaceful woods and freedom of the quiet forest. Each year I look for new things to add to my camping collective of fun. First and foremost, I will have to say.. ahh to stow away in […]

The Magical Affirmation Mirror

March 24, 2011


Ahh yes the mirror..what does she say today…   “Mirror Mirror above my bed. I asked you for advice and this is what you said..”   -Infinitely Captivating

Postcard from…Farmington, NM!

January 26, 2011


Went to visit my little sis at her new temporary home. She has been stationed as a reporter there for basically the next year. The baby sis and I flew down there and we were soooo excited to see the snow!!   We stopped at the Four Corners…     Had some Hawaiian Pancakes at […]

affirmationness of the day..

January 5, 2011


   ..tru dat.

Halloweenie fun..

November 1, 2010


Halloween Fun…   House Decorating.. Spent most of the night scaring kiddos with the fog machine   My costume this year…I’m SPAGHETTI bitches!!!!