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Camp Whos-a-whats-it

March 26, 2011


Hello Lovers, It is that time of year when a girl’s fancy magically transforms to…CAMPING! Ahhh…the allure of the peaceful woods and freedom of the quiet forest. Each year I look for new things to add to my camping collective of fun. First and foremost, I will have to say.. ahh to stow away in […]

Postcard from…Farmington, NM!

January 26, 2011


Went to visit my little sis at her new temporary home. She has been stationed as a reporter there for basically the next year. The baby sis and I flew down there and we were soooo excited to see the snow!!   We stopped at the Four Corners…     Had some Hawaiian Pancakes at […]

Halloweenie fun..

November 1, 2010


Halloween Fun…   House Decorating.. Spent most of the night scaring kiddos with the fog machine   My costume this year…I’m SPAGHETTI bitches!!!!

Happy B-day to me!!

October 24, 2009


Well my wonderful birthday week has come and gone.  And this year it stretched out to a week and a half! Hehe Started off with my work buddies giving me LOTS of love!   and my wonderful co-worker Christina Christina baking    me an AWESOME rainbow cake!   My Super Cool Presentes:   Skelanimals!!..

Dinner and a movie..

October 9, 2009


Ventured out to Farrelli’s for dinner and a movie.  So the idea of movie theater and a restaurant all in one! A lil “Rocketman” before the movie. So u order and begin eating before the movie starts and they give u a buzzer and u buzz the server if you need n e thing […]

Happy Bday Lil’ Cuz!

October 4, 2009


Went out Hoppin for the Lil Cuz’s bday! Me, Liz and Patti


August 25, 2009


  You gotta love a place that has GO-GO in the title!  Been wanting to go to this place since my cuz Gloria went awhile back  and told me that they had Karaoke rooms.  YES!!    Unf.  they were all booked up when my friend Danielle and her friend Michela and I went for Happy […]