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Easter Antics

April 27, 2009


Went out to “The Ranch” with the fam for Easter.  We get creative out in the boonies… So we instituted an Urban Myth Challenge.   Urban Myth #1:  No person can eat 10 saltines in one minute. Noelle and Sofia tried it out first… Delicious crackers! But no dice.  NEXT!  Uncle Natey was sooo close… […]

Vern’s 19th Bday!

March 8, 2009


Vern’s Bday!  I made the cutey cake.   (Don’t mind the poinsettia tablecloth.. apparently we are still in December at my Rampa’s house *)  I got her a couple of Stephanie Plum novels.  She has never read them and I am trying to get her hooked. My Mom made her this Strawberry Marshmallow Bouquet.   My […]

My lil’ Pup Pup!

January 15, 2009


So this is what’s been keeping me very busy lately.  (She looks innocent enough but don’t fall for it..she’s a tornado!) It was an average day when I somehow got bamboozled into taking a puppy off my aunt’s hands.  No, really..I was looking at the puppy, commenting on how cute she was, and debating the consequences […]

Making Tamales

December 27, 2008


Every December “The Fam” makes tamales.  We make red and green and we make enough so everyone can take a dozen of each. I love it cuz I wait all year to pig out on tamales.  Like chips… you can’t eat just one! The second round of Some monkeys working hard at bagging. Liz and […]

Getting into the Christmas Spirit…

December 22, 2008


Hmm…Tenga is extremely grumpy because… a) She is wearing a dorky santa hat. b) Momma is flashing a camera right in her face. c)  She is not doing her two favorite things.. eating food or sleeping. d) all of the above she’s in the Christmas spirit!

Making Christmas Cookies…

December 21, 2008


The monkeys and I enjoying some homemade gingerbread boys.  Sammo kept screaming “My boys! My boys!” everytime one fell apart.  It was pretty funny.        Delicious and easy Peppermint Marshmallow Treats.

Benno’s 30th!

December 17, 2008


My lil bro turned 30 last week and we gave him a Vegas style poker party. We made him a photo collage and had people sign a poster with their well wishes. Sophie and Kuki with their Elvis glasses. Kyla, Me and Sofia The boys playing poker. And my brother and I in Vegas..where yes..he is […]