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The Weekly Tweetness

August 5, 2011


These tweets/links gave me such happiness this week.. and helped me through a really difficult week. Can’t thank the providers enough for all their inspiration and love that they share with the Twitterverse! Hope these nuggets of happiness give you some inspiration and love too!   ♥ ooh yummm! @craft How-To:  Pop Tart S’Mores ttp:// […]


June 14, 2011


I am just over the moon about the fact that I can play with NANWRIMO during the summer.  Usually during the Fall/Winter  holiday traditions overrun our already packed season schedules and poor NANOWRIMO falls to the side.. but the creators of NANOWRIMO are fundraising to bring CAMP NANOWRIMO to the masses. from: The blog […]

Silliversary-Mr. K’s bday..

May 15, 2011


In the great scheme of things… I try to celebrate as much as I can… silly holidays..and such. Well, May 9th happened to be the birthday of a great spreader of peace, love and all things muppety… Que Sexy Kermie… Mr. Kermit the Frog!! I love anything Hensen oriented and specifically The Muppets… and the […]

spread the love

February 11, 2011


Just added love is louder to My Tweeps.. Add them, send a picture, film a video and by that simple action you can show that you believe LOVE IS LOUDER…than hatred, violence, assault.. They are selling the shirts for a limited time.. I luv buying clothes w/ meaning and support a good cause..


January 27, 2011


 I stepped outside today and saw the glowing sun sending his loving rays directly to me. The soft clouds strolling casually through the air like oblivious lovers in a bustling park.  And it ignited the tiniest spark in my heart.    All of my sadness, anxiety, apathy.. floated away with that sky for that brief […]

Dreaming of the Honey House..

January 19, 2011


  © All Rights Reserved by Flickr member Lissy Laricchia   I often spend my days dreaming of the Honey House.   She is my now fantastical but one day soon dream of a home. Upon naming her I was torn between the Pink Palace..and the Honey House. Both of which find their namesakes deep within […]

Super happytimes today..

November 28, 2010


  Found a Kim herself.. ♥  make-up tutorial!