♥ Yearbooks

These are the Yearbooks from the past couple of years of all of the things I have done. Mostly here as a reminder to myself.  


built a snowman!! well…snowlady-went to Farmington,  NM– saw Maya Angelou speak– rode in a banana boat– went to Mexico for the first time-went to Disneyland-Went to Club 33!!-went to San Diego-lost 50 lbs-Elena’s Bachelorette Party-



–got a Johnny Cupcakes shirt-auditoned for a reality show (Oprah’s next big star)–layed out poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel–had a bloody mary–ate at Bob’s Big Boy–Went to Venice Beach–ate at Burger Mary’s-ate lion meat, rock mountain oysters, python--ate ostrich, kangaroo, boar, emu, antelope, duck jerky--ate a donut burger, smore on a stick--had my aura read--visited a UFO store--Camped out in Sedona–beerpong–cookie party–



–ate a scorpion, mealworms, crickets and a reindeer hotdog–Theater Hopped–Went to Farrelli’s Cinema Supper Club–Opened up my Online Store..Swagg on Etsy--Saw some Luche Libre–Went to Fez–Suede, Cherry Lounge, –Went to Geisha-a go-go–Learned how to skateboard–had a “sex on the beach”–Learned how to box–Melting Pot–Indoor Rock Climbing–Beer Festival in Flag.–Beer Pub Crawl on Mill–Toddos “Classy” 30 Party at Chase Field–KILLYC–Go Karting at Speedy’s…again–Britney Spears Concert–Yoga Class at Urban Yoga–witnessed the Easter Urban Myth Challenge–got a new puppy…Chewies!!–went camping and slept outside in a tent and sleeping bag–shot a rifle–shot a shotgun–shot an AR15–got kicked out of a shooting range–gone to the new children’s museum–Matsuri (Japanese Festival)–raced through a inflatable obstacle course–Watched The Cardinals go to the Superbowl!–FINALLY saw Watchmen–Got a new pink camera



* Gone go-kart racing and placed last. YES!* Planted a VERB garden.* Planted new grass.*Watched my hubby ride a mechanical bull.*Line danced around  a country dance floor.* Gone to Dave and Buster’s quite a bit.* Goofy golfing.* Stayed in Vegas for a week and won $600 total playing craps.* Saw George Lopez live.* Saw the Grossology exhibit.* Saw a tribal wedding.* Went to Beerfest in Flag.* Painted my first ceramics.* Took Hip-Hop classes.* Took Zumba classes.* Took Belly Dancing classes.* Took a class on publishing.* Learned how to shoot a gun.* Went to a gun range.* Went to a Day of the Dead fest.* Had a Halloweenie Party.

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